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Welcome to “”

Over the last 8 years, I have worked extensively on some mind-boggling online projects and have made considerable amounts of money. Until the year 2008, I never imagined that I would be able to set up online income streams for myself, but my experience with all things online in the last 89 months has been a real eye-opener!!

Through this website, I plan to share with you various ways of earning money online, right from your cozy, living room or drawing-room! I am going to explain to you right from the basics, including minute, grass-root level fundamental concepts, that form the building blocks for any ‘work from home’ scheme or ‘earn from home’ plan!!

I have realized that all possible ways of making money online can actually be classified into 17 Online Income Streams, and that is exactly why I have decided to set up my website with that domain name. Yes, I am really going to take you through a clear, step-by-step process of making money in ‘seventeen’ different ways and all of them are related to online opportunities.

Believe me, all you need to start off with any of these online income streams is an intense desire to start earning online, and create abundance for yourself! I am a strong believer in the “Law of Attraction,” and am thoroughly convinced that the intensity of my desire has been the driving factor for all the money I earned through my online income streams over the last 36 months.

Through this website I am going to describe to you 17 ways of making money online, including Affiliate Marketing, Article Marketing, Email Marketing, Drop-shipping, Podcasting, webinars, SEO / SEM services, Online / Internet Radio, Content Writing/ Ghost Writing, Blogging, etc.

If you are already employed, you can very soon transform yourself into an entrepreneur by first starting off as a freelance internet money-maker, and then setting up your own online business by creating virtual teams across geographies!

That is exactly what I achieved within the first six months of my online entrepreneurship – I started off freelancing and doing everything on my own. Within six months I realized that unless I can build a team that can deliver, I will not be able to scale up my online business. That is when I worked for long hours for almost 3 weeks and could eventually succeed in building a team of 17 people (hmm…that’s the other number that keeps recurring in my life – will tell you more about it later :))!

I have not been the topper of my class either in school or in college, have never won even a silver medal – forget the gold medals – either in academics or in extra curricular activities. To be frank, I would say that I am just a bit smarter than the average intelligent guy, with loads of enthusiasm to learn and try anything new, and a die-hard attitude when it comes to winning!!

So, if I can earn the kind of money that I did in 18 months, then it only goes to prove that anyone with an average intelligence can do so – particularly with the current freshmen and sophomores in colleges and universities turning out to be brainy nerds, full of intelligence and percentile written all over their faces!!

So, why wait – just gather your expectations, strengthen your enthusiasm, and kick-start your journey towards reaching out for all those dollars waiting for you online!!